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Perth & Kinross Community Transport Group, a registered charity, will stop trading on 31st March 2013 and a proposal for dissolution will be made at a Special General Meeting for all members on 15th April 2013.

The Group was formally constituted in 1998 and has a unique role in this area for the promotion, development and support of voluntary community transport. Over the past fifteen years it has become an established resource for residents and voluntary groups in Perth & Kinross. Currently there are 36 members who have over 700 associated volunteers along with a Community Car Association (CCA) which has 9 members and a Minibus Operators Group (MOG) with 8 members. Comprehensive Resource Packs for these two groups with detailed operating protocols and best practice procedures are now the benchmark for voluntary transport providers.  Members have benefited from subsidised public liability insurance, hospital parking guidelines, preferential parking at local and regional hospitals and assistance in the completion of funding applications.

A part-time Community Transport Support Worker employed by the Group has organised and run subsidised Minibus Driver and Passenger Assistant training for many years. The Group were until recently an Intermediary Body, processing Disclosures for members, and have negotiated successfully with the Council on Organisational Blue Badge issues.    The Group have published many articles on transport and health related topics and several directories on local voluntary services which have helped to attract new volunteers and fill volunteering vacancies.

Formerly the Scottish Government and latterly the Council have generously supported the activities of the Group but over time their priorities have changed. Despite achieving every objective in our Business Plans since 2007 the Group have no identifiable funding stream for day to day operations. Multiple applications have been made to grant awarding bodies without success.  

Ambitious plans to develop new services, user friendly directories and to promote the benefits of volunteering are now on hold. It is unclear who will advocate for the voluntary transport sector in the future but hopefully the legacy of the Group will live on through local organisations and committed volunteers. Inevitably the cessation of our services will impact on the many who are disabled physically or mentally, disadvantaged by age, isolation or rurality and who rely on voluntary transport in Perth & Kinross.   

In the future information about voluntary community transport and MiDAS training in Perth & Kinross can be obtained from the Council’s Minibus Co-ordinator:- Brian Martin at 01738477374 or email; BMartin@pkc.gov.uk